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The PERCRO (Perceptual Robotics Laboratory) of Scuola Superiore SantâEUR(TM)Anna has recently completed the development and functional assessment of the Body Extender system, an advanced wearable robotic device, expressly conceived for material handling in unstructured environment. Equipped with four robotic limbs with kinematics isomorphic to the one of the human limbs, the system has a total of 22 independently actuated degrees of freedom and is able of tracking the  movements of the userâEUR(TM)s legs, arms and trunk in a wide range of mobility and to amplify his her forces exerted on the external environment. The leg locomotion and the force servo amplification allow operations in environments not accessible by the conventional handling systems and to preserve the force sensibility during the manipulative tasks. Possible applications are the handling of military materials in narrow spaces, the rescue of victims in natural and human provoked disasters and the handling of construction material.